Tooling and Design Flow

Tailored Design Flows

FirstPass understands that a disciplined requirements driven development process is the cornerstone of  successful product development. Clear, concise, and accurate ASIC/FPGA requirements provide the basis for all subsequent design and verification activities. We also understand that the level of requirements management has to match the overall intent of your project. From a simple proto-type to a fully certified DO-254 commercial aviation application, let Firstpass put together a custom tailored design flow that best fits your needs.


Methodology and Tools

FirstPass has been in the industry long enough and seen enough successful projects to know that one methodology doesn’t fit all projects.  With regard to both the target technology (ASIC or FPGA), and the methodology or tool in question, FirstPass will work with you to find the right combination of methodologies and tools for your project to minimize schedule, cost, and risk.


Technical spectrum

Many projects worked at FirstPass center around the more complex aspects of the verification, physical, and infrastructure spectrums, however depending on the engagement model, we either blend in particular strategic methodology aspects or we can fully adapt to your existing legacy or ongoing project flow. We have the tools and infrastructure needed to operate at the appropriate level of methodological thoroughness for your particular project.

Design Tools

FirstPass has contracts with all the major EDA tool vendors, including Cadence, Mentor, and Synopsys. Our engineers have substantial experience with, and access to, a complete tool suite required to support your design. FirstPass also has extensive expertise in fully integrating with customer’s preferred EDA vendor and design flow.


Tuned Compute Infrastructure

FirstPass internal compute and data management resources are specifically designed to maximize performance in a multiple user environment using mainstream ASIC/FPGA development tools. Processing  and data storage capability is assessed by benchmarking industry standard simulation and synthesis tool performance on state of the art emerging compute solutions. The results of  benchmark testing feed into a hardware expansion and growth strategy that places a high emphasis on hardware performance. The end result is higher efficiency, faster regression times and reduced development cycle times.


Remote Access

FirstPass has experience working with a variety of customer remote interface models. On-site at the right times carries the highest level of importance, but often the predominant portion of effort can efficiently be executed using a secure means of off-site support. We have years of experience utilizing secure VPN tunnels and using a wide variety of data management schemes.  The depth of engagement into your infrastructure can be tailored to fit your comfort level and security standards.
Establishing a high standard for data management is a key element for remote access. We can integrate directly into your configuration management tooling,  we can set specific levels of configuration management synchronization between your site and ours, or we can assume full hosting  a configuration management tooling.
Depending on your exact needs, we often suggest supplementing remote access with strong integration and  synchronization between working teams. We easily integrate into your project management needs, and if interested we can provide suggestions based on our many years of customer engagement experiences.