FirstPass Engineering is now a part of Synopsys, Inc.

Our mission is to enable our strategic clients the power to create cutting-edge products that raise the standard for the way the world lives using our world-class program management and IC design, paired with our track record for success.

FirstPass Engineering started on card tables in an unfinished basement in 1993. It has morphed from its humble beginnings to a world-class engineering firm servicing a Who’s Who of companies pushing the hi-tech envelope, creating some amazing technology. We have been at the forefront of technology as early adopters of UVM methodologies, developing advanced military avionics, designing ultra-low-power wearables and next-gen gaming systems, collaborating on supercomputers, and even decoding and finalizing a concept written on a napkin to help a startup realize its dream. Technological innovation makes up our DNA; complex ASIC and FPGA designs are our lifeblood.

Driving the future is challenging, and our customers are leaders in their industries. We fuel them with one of the strongest teams in the engineering community. Our line-up of engineers is fantastic. We are a small band of inventors pushing the limits of technical norms without the constraints of red tape. FirstPass Engineering is a great place to thrive. 

Over 200 ASIC & FPGA Designs

VLSI digital ASICs (>100M logic gates)

FPGA/ASIC Conversions & Emulations

DSP functions

Processors & SOC’s

Cryptographic functions

Telco & Datacom

Library development
High-reliability designs

Areas of Expertise

Over 20+ Years Experience

  • Design definition/architecture
  • Digital, analog, and mixed signal solutions
  • Advanced functional verification
  • SystemVerilog (AVM/OVM/UVM), Specman, Vera
  • ‘QuickRamp’ SystemVerilog verification platform IP
  • Physical design flows for ASIC/FPGA
  • Design for test, assembly, and manufacturing
  • Software and firmware development
  • Hardware prototyping and debug
  • Training

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