December 15, 2020:

FirstPass Engineering Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Ed Lord has been appointed as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.


Ed brings over 30 years of experience in high technology, digital innovations, and the professional services industries. His specific expertise includes business development, sales and marketing of complex industry solutions, including engineering and commercial security solutions, from launch through maturity within the United States and globally in aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, telecommunications, commercial aerospace, electronics and semiconductor, transportation, and industrial automation. Ed is a skilled strategist with a deep understanding of how to build enduring customer relationships while leveraging operational scale across a highly specialized and niche footprint.  Ed is a strong leader and has a proven track record of developing diverse and high performing teams.

He is replacing Bob Schneiderwind who is moving into the role of Chairman of the Board. As Chairman of the Board, Bob will be focused on defining corporate direction and strategy with Ed focusing on the day-to-day operations. 

“Ed has served as a board member to FirstPass Engineering and his familiarity with the company’s leadership team and strategy will enable him to integrate quickly and be of benefit with our services. Our business continues to evolve, and I am confident in Ed’s ability to drive our strategic plan moving forward delivering world class ASIC design services.”